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  • Hike the Salkantay Trail. A new view every day...rolling hills, mountain glaciers, rain forrest. It's stunning and interesting. With the kindest people in the villages and homesteads along the way.
  • Visit Machu Picchu. Be the first in line in the morning and you can buy a ticket to Wayna Picchu (best place to overlook Machu Picchu from above - see the picture at the top of this list). We literally woke up at 4am to be the first in line and it was totally worth it!
  • Eat cheese and corn at the market in Cusco, Peru. Seriously the best meal you will ever have. Words can't describe.
  • Stay at Loki Hostel (Lima and Cusco) if you are traveling cheap
  • Don't try the beaches in Lima. We spent a little too much time in Lima (there honestly isn't a TON to do there after you visit a few sites and do some shopping) so we decided to take a cab to the beach. The beaches were pretty dusty and rocky. It might have been the time of year but no one was really there. I think this analysis is fairly accurate and widely accepted. Let's just say the cab driver looked at us weirdly when we asked him to drive us to la playa...