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Avelist is the best place to collect useful information from friends and experts. All of the information on Avelist is organized into a list, making it easy to find, share and save.

  • Google Drive - mobile, cloud-based method of always having copies of your passport, visas, ID, insurance, and even social security card on you at all times.
  • Mobile translator - look into the most recommended brands for your respective travel
  • Twitter/Instagram - blogging is passe; "micro-blogging" services make it easier to share your experience and to connect with friends with limited internet access, less time to interface with social media, etc.
  • Aviary - use this app to show off your trip through stunning filters.
  • AirBnB - if you're looking to splurge and find an apartment for yourself or a small group of friends for a short time, this is the chicest service provider in that arena *download their mobile, social app